Trying to run a marathon

OK,so maybe not a marathon, but a 5k run. My first to be exact which is a big goal for me considering I have previously shunned taking up running due to reasons, such as my bra straps falling down, my leggings falling down (this seems to be a common problem with sports leggings for me so I’m sticking with my ordinary day leggings!) and the fact that I run out of breath after approximately 10 seconds.

So my running challenge started one Sunday morning when I volunteered to go out running with Daniel (aka The Boy) and found out it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and I could run for a bit without dying. He then issued the challenge that I train for the next five months and take part in a 5k park run in May, in fact the same one I cheered him on safely from the sidelines last year, and if I don’t run in under 40 minutes, he’s going to take my Facebook away for four days. Anyone who knows me will appreciate that not having access to Facebook for four whole days would be harder than the actual running so I agreed. There is also a reward up for grabs but that’s still being negotiated. I have my eye on a Cath Kidston bag but may have to pay for that myself!

I decided to take this challenge seriously and give it my all. A trip to Sports Direct later and I had new leggings (they fall down and have been relegated to my BodyBalance class), a couple of tops and a iPhone armband. I have also been looking for trainers but no luck yet and it’s an excuse to keep shopping! I also downloaded the NHS Couch to 5k app, which is a series of podcasts promising to have you running 30 minutes in nine weeks. OK, if Laura the Podcast Lady has faith in me, then maybe I can do this!

Right, all set and off I went. I started with one minute running and one minute walking for 20 minutes, so quite easy so far and didn’t feel like the cross country runs I loathed at school! Well not until it was upped to three minutes, then five minutes and then eight minutes! But I persevered and after each run I felt immensely proud of myself. Then Laura the Podcast Lady announced in her usually soothing voice that I had to run for 20 minutes. With no walking breaks! Say what now? I made the decision to at least give it a try. If I could do 10 minutes then that’s a good start and I could always try again another day. But when I hit 10 minutes something told my tired legs to keep going; that it was probably only another couple of times around the block so I carried on and on until I hit 19 minutes. That was when it started to hurt. Just a measly 60 seconds left which seemed to last forever but I did it! What a proud moment that was! So proud I had to share it on Facebook, despite rolling my eyes at people that post their MapMy Run routes. But I got over 30 likes so it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Although that could have been the post-exercise glow!

As well as my 5k park run in May, I have also signed up to Race for Life in July and I have already smashed by £50 target. I’m already looking forward to wearing lots of pink stuff as I’m hoping pretty deely boppers will distract me from the task ahead.

And who knows, maybe one day I will be ready for that marathon!